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IPL Photorejuvenation                                                                   

Intense pulsed light (IPL™) Technology is a treatment breakthrough that can correct a variety of benign skin conditions such as redness and flushing symptoms of rosacea, most freckles, age spots, brown spots, pigmentation, visible signs of sun damage and ageing of the face, neck and hands. A series of treatments is recommended to achieve long term results.

* Price is dependent on the area being treated. Package prices upon consultation.

 Multilase™ - Skin and Collagen Regeneration


As we age, cellular metabolism and circulation slows down and natural collagen production decreases. Skin cells take longer to regenerate and the damaging effects of free radicals take their toll.

Regular Multilase™ therapy or Low Level Laser enhances the effects of other skin and body treatments and supports the appearance of a clearer, healthier skin. Increased production of your own natural collagen combined with the deep acting affects on the underlying muscles, increases firmness and significantly improves sagging tissues of the face, breast and body. Significant improvement will be noticed in all acne conditions,psoriasis,amd other inflammatory conditions.

In conjunction with the application of natural skin products containing antioxidants, vitamins and nutritional substances followed by a broad spectrum sun block, Multilase™ therapy can effectively delay or reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Multilase™ therapy, combined with IPL™ Photorejuvenation providing a powerful tool against the visible signs of premature ageing.

Multilase™ - Integrative Laser Therapy                                           10min / $52
Multilase™ integrative laser Therapy utilises light delivered by a system of highly specialised lasers. Multiple frequencies of light are delivered through the skin and converted by our cells into vital cellular energy (ATP), which is necessary for regeneration and the repair of the human body.

This method of non-thermal laser therapy has not been reported to produce pain or adverse side effects in more than two decades of clinical use. It is painless, safe and highly effective when applied by qualified healthcare practitioners, certified in this method of laser therapy.

MULTILASE™ Integrative Therapy can be utilised to improve:

- Scarring, both new and old
- Wound repair, including ulcers and skin grafts
- Stretchmarks - old and new

- Acne and acne scarring
- Burns
- Psoriasis, dermatitis and Inflammation
- Cellulite and Lymphoedema

- Arthritis and muscular pain relief
- Post operative healing
- Smoker's de-tox, reducing cravings for nicotine

- Fungal conditions.


- Increased microcirculation and tissue oxygenation
- Reduces inflammation and swelling

- Drained metabolic waste
- Pain decreases
- Cellular energy increases

- Natural physiological processes are assisted
- Healing and recovery time is shortened.