A truly nurturing experience, you may choose your body wrap from a superb range of therapeutic ingredients of the earth and sea. As you relax in your chosen body cocoon you will receive a stress relieving scalp massage.

The cocoon process begins with a Salt glow exfoliation, softening and renewing the skin by removing surface built up allowing for the benefits of your chosen body wrap to penetrate further into the layers of your skin. After the exfoliation, your body mask will be applied and you will be insulated in a thermal blanket as you relax with a head, neck and shoulder massage. You will then use our shower facilities to rise away from the mask and return to an application of Pevonia intense body moisturizer leaving your skin feeling stimulated and invigorated. Body cocoons are best followed by a massage for ultimate relaxation as well as skin-hydrating benefits.

Stem cell Intensive Body Wrap 60mins | $150

Get your body ready for serious repair. Using a unique anti-aging blend of Argan and Comfrey Stem cells to reduce pimply, uneven skin revealing a more youthful smoother appearance. Full body exfoliation using a Stemcell sea scrub, followed by an application of Intensive Stemcell body contouring mask, and completed with an Intensive body corrector moisturizer.

Crepe No More De Ageing Cocoon60mins | $150

De Ageing and firming. Reduces crepiness and fat accumulations, smooths skin texture, deeply hydrates and nourishes leaving skin soft and luminous

Micronised Algae cocoon60mins | $140

Eliminate toxicity, stimulates skins’ metabolism and smooths cellulite

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