Endermologie®/Lipomassage is a specialised treatment that is FDA and TGA approved for the treatment of cellulite and lymphoedema using the Integral key module by the renown French company LPG. Lipomassage works by correcting disorders in the connective tissue, improving impaired blood circulation and uneven skin tone. When there is poor circulation, the volume of the adipocytes increases and compresses the arteries and lymphatic vessels. Metabolic exchanges slow down causing cellulite to appear. Lipomassage breaks down fibrosis releases congested vessels, stimulates the fat burning process in the cells as well as improving metabolism. Fluid retention and toxin build up are eliminated through lymphatic drainage, collagen and elastin production is boosted, generating a healthier rejuvenated skin tone.

1 Treatment is equivalent to 8 hours of manual lymphatic drainage massage.

Please call and book in free consultation with one of our friendly staff members to discuss a customized treatment designed especially for your concerns.

Trial with complementary consultation60min | $65

Lipomassage – 1 treatment45min | $130

10 treatments Package45min each | POA

16 treatments Package45min each | POA

35 treatments Package45min each | POA

*Please note Lipomassage packages have other inclusions such as a body stocking, 1St maintenance treatment, and take home products.
*Enquire for more Lipomassage packages.

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