What is lipomassage and what are its benefits?


Lipomassage is a specialised treatment using the cellu M6 Integral, designed and engineered in France and loved by celebrities all over the world to treat disorders in the connective tissue. The treatment was originally formulated to treat burn scars and fibrotic tissue, however practitioners and their subjects noticed improvments in their body. With thirty years of technology backed by scientific studies, it can now address all connective tissue disorders including cellulite and lymphatic conditions. If you’re concerned with cellulite, fatty deposits, heavy swollen legs, circulatory issues and loose skin, then this treatment is for you. The procedure treats your whole body but focus’s on your areas of concern to smooth your curves, tone and firm your skin and the lipolysis action devolumises unflattering bulges on any area of your body, it will generally improve the way you feel and the way in which your lymphatic system functions.

Suitable for both men and women, lipomassge addresses concerns such as back fat, flabby triceps, love handles, saddle bags, stretch marks as well as saggy tummies and loose skin above the knees. This procedure is also approved for lymphatic drainage, muscle recovery, and in the treatment of scar tissue. Most people see results in just a few comfortable treatments.

There are many factors contributing to weight gain and cellulite including genetic disposition, hormonal changes, drugs and medication, stress, exercise diet and hydration. Despite ideal personal health practices and regular exercise the process of storing fat continues. Lipomassage clears the congested waste in the lymph, breaks down the fibrosis (scar tissue) around the fat cells and strengthens and remodels the weak network of collagen and elastin fibres.


Lipomassages’ slimming technique reactivates the fat release process known as lipolysis to erase localised fat and imperfections usually resistant to diet and exercise, while also stimulating collagen and elastin.

The Lipomassage recipient wears a body suit during the treatment for the purpose of modesty and also to allow a smooth surface for the mechanical rollers, it is a comfortable procedure suitable for both men and women as it will tone and tighten the skin, has a devolumising slimming effect and smooths, sculpts and drains the skin.

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