Types of Mesoestetic Facials & Their Benefits

The mask used in all the mesoestetic facials is a crystal fiber mask, designed for professional use, this face mask was developed to enhance the cell renewal process, restructure the water-lipid layer and increase skin moisturising levels. It is made up of crystal fiber, a material for medical use based on 3D nano-fibers and which is 100% natural and safe. It fits the lines of the face perfectly, with an occlusive effect that improves permeability and the carrying efficacy of the active ingredients.

  • There are three types of mesoestetic facials catering for different aged skin. They are a range of luxurious facials for anti-ageing and deep hydration.

  • Collagen 360º

Collagen 360º

The Collagen 360º firming and tightening treatment line is specifically designed to counteract the loss of collagen that increases naturally with age and combat the signs of chronological aging. Formulated with a high concentration of enriched marine collagen, Collagen 360º stimulates the cell renewal process and reactivates the production of collagen and substances that plump the skin and add volume. This treatment treats early lines, wrinkles & loss of firmness. It firms and tightens the skin and improves skin elasticity. How it works: Collagen is a skin protein that is the main component of the support matrix. As time goes by, collagen diminishes. You will see plumping, hydration & smoothing of lines straight away, and over time increased collagen synthesis which provides a real anti-ageing effect.

  • Stem Cell

Stem Cell

The Stem Cell cell regenerating treatment with plant stem cells offers a revolutionary cosmetic treatment designed to protect existing skin cells by stimulating the skin’s natural self-repair process. The nanoencapsulated plant stem cells formulations support skin cells by strengthening their self-repair ability. All Stem Cell products contain the highly concentrated plant stem cell extract to combat advanced signs of photoageing and repair skin damage caused by intrinsic factors, skin stress or environmental exposure. This treatment treats forming lines and wrinkles. Many people start to think of Botox around this time, but it is expensive and needs to be re-injected every 3-4 months or the lines & wrinkles return. Stem Cell active ingredients have an intense regenerating effect and extend skin cell lifetime, thereby repairing lines & wrinkles. How it works: Stem Cell protects the life of skin cells, improving their natural auto-repair capacity. High concentrations give it the power to respond to signs of advanced sun-ageing & repair damaged skins.

The aim of stem cell is to protect the life of skin cells, improving their natural auto-repair capacity. The high concentrations in plant cell extract or all stem cell line products also give it the power to respond to signs of advanced photoageing and repairing skins damaged by instrinic factors, skin stress of environmental agents.

Capsuled nanotechnology: the active substance is supplied capsuled in liposomes to enhance skin penetration and optimise the results.

  • Radiance DNA

Radiance DNA

This treatment preserves cell youth. It promotes increased elasticity & firmness, helps to reduce lines & wrinkles, assists with preventing transdermal water loss and works to protect the skin from oxidative stress. How it works: In an optimum scenario, cells maintain a perfect balance between the activity and restorative periods, and this enables them to recover from external aggressions and keep their metabolic functions in perfect condition. However, with ageing, oxidative stress and environmental aggressions, in particular sun rays and free radicals, weaken the internal skin mechanisms, damaging the DNA and throwing off balance the expression of some genes essential to fight against skin ageing.

*Please note all Mesoestetic facials include microdermabrasion, however this can be replaced with a Glycolic Peel if you would prefer. Doing a peel or micro before the facial removed surface build up and allows the active ingredients in the facial to penetrate deeper into the layers of the dermis, thus significantly enhancing results. We also use a range of different mesoestetic ampoules for our skin needling and collagen induction therapy. These are the professional treatment boxes containing amouples, the crystal fibre mask and if a client purchases a series of 5 treatments they get the corresponding take home care cream complementary (5 x stem cell or collagen 360 = $775, 5 x Dna = $825):

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