What is Lip Blushing and why it’s a Fantastic Option?

When it comes to innovation, you have to put the cosmetic technology domain at the top. After hogging the limelight for years, lip fillers, freckle tattoos, skin pigmentation tattoos, and microblading now seem passé. The latest buzzword in skincare technology is ‘lip blushing’.

Lip blushing is the modernday version of lip tattooing that had been in vogue for decades. As atrending cosmetic procedure, lip blushing is an improvement over lip tattooing as the former not only corrects colour but boosts size and shape of your puckers.

Demystifying Lip Blushing Lip blushing is very much like fillers, eyelash extensions, and microblading, which improves your appearance semi-permanently but the effects last longer. At the same time, you don’t have to remove the application and/or apply it all over again. Unlike conventional lip tattooing where robust tools were used to apply synthetic pigments deep inside the skin, lip blushing exploits digital tools and water-based inks and organic pigments. Therefore, the lip blushing technique makes your lips appear more natural. On the other hand, you can choose from a wide variety of natural shades to make your lips look fuller and healthier. Whereas lip tattooing imparted an austere appearance, a lip blushing procedure transfers an impression of plumper and more luscious looking lips. Your lip blushing clinician will apply a topical anaesthetic to desensitise the lips before the procedure begins. Thereafter, the professional embeds small automated needles to deposit organic pigments deep into the dermis. Lip blushing can be quite effective in smoothing the skin tone of your lips and correcting any asymmetry. Continue to Enjoy the Benefits for Years You will need to visit the aesthetician at least twice -the second appointment will be due 4 to 8 weeks after the first. You can expect the cosmetic treatment to make your lips appear more colourful, healthy, and natural. You will continue to enjoy the benefits of a single episode (of the treatment) for at least 4 to 5 years, depending upon your skin type. Following the treatment, you may not have to use lipsticks or lip liners at all for years. A Shade Matching Your Skin Tone You can choose a shade matching your skin tone to get fully waterproof and symmetrical lips. Regardless of whether you opt for a light, natural shade or a darker tint, the colour can be adapted to go with your lip tone. An Aesthetic Boost Lip blushing is an extremely effective cosmetic procedure when it comes to dealing with asymmetrical lips. A seasoned aesthetician may be comfortably able to tackle issues like concavity, thinning or asymmetry. On the whole, the treatment gives you a more enticing pout, thereby boosting your sex appeal. If you are looking for experienced professionals for the perfect Microdermabrasion treatment, visit RDC & Spa. We provide a complete range of solutions to take care of all your wellness needs in a comfortable and relaxing setting. Visit or call us to know more.

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