The Plexr Plasma Pen is a device that creates a plasma arc to remove tiny zones of skin and stimulate instant contraction and tightening of the surrounding skin. The procedure is a non-surgical treatment and an alternative to going under the knife for procedures such as eyelid reconstruction (blepharoplasty), including baggy lower eyelids and excess upper eyelid skin.

Questions and Answers

What is plasma?

Plasma is a preferred to as the fifth state of matter. It consists of “excited” electrons, not dissimilar to a mini-lightning bolt or spark. The high energy it produces a sublimation of where skin cells (solid) go straight to gas.

What does “fractional” mean?

Fractional therapy describes a treatment that exposes only a fraction of the skin to the plasma arc in a pattern of tiny dots. With plasma, tiny dots of skin are vaporized(removed) leaving surrounding skin intact. As the thousands of holes close up and heal, the skin contracts and tightens.

This treatment method shortens the healing time and stimulates the body’s own natural process for creating new collagen, plumping the skin from below and improving wrinkles and other imperfections.

+ Tiny holes enable safe treatment and a rapid recovery.
+ Deep treatment provides results in a single session.
+ Controlled energy means maximum results with a more comfortable patient experience.
+ Patients will see significant improvement after just one treatment.

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