As we age, our face begins to show the effects of gravity, sun exposure and years of facial muscle movement such as smiling, chewing, frowning and squinting. The underlining tissues that keep our skin looking youthful and plump begin to break down often leaving laugh lines, smile lines, crows feet or facial creases over the areas where this muscle movement occurs. Collagen is an important natural component of our skin’s structure. It is also present in our joints, bones and ligaments. In young skin, collagen is abundant and imparts softness and fullness to the face and other areas of the body, such as our hands. As we age, the amount of collagen in our body decreases, and as a result, wrinkles and creases begin to appear. Our cheeks become hollow and our upper lip thins. Injectable soft-tissue fillers can help fill these lines and creases, temporarily restoring a smooth, more youthful appearance. When injected beneath the skin, dermal fillers plump up creased and sunken areas of the face; they can also add fullness to the lips. Anti-wrinkle injections will relax the muscles that cause lines and will keep them relaxed for approximately four months. This is a highly purified protein that is extracted from bacteria in the same way Penicillin comes from mould. It has been widely tested with twelve years of safe and effective use for hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide for various medical uses. Our full range of services include:
  • Anti-Wrinkle Injections
  • Dermal fillers
  • Sclerotherapy
  • Lipodissolve
  • Fat Melting Chin
  • Plexr Plasma Pen
  • Hydrating Injections
  • Photodynamic Therapy
  • Nefertiti Lift
  • Platelets Rich Plasma

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